STREET \ Small details for great stories

Street photography can also stimulate the imagination…MUST stimulate the imagination. That’s why it should not be limited to street portraits or pure documentation of an event…or just to stories that you can read well. As a street photographer, you can also leave the action in the hands of the beholder, intriguing and taking it to the branch of pure imagination .

For example, think about of those photos…not really surreal photos but that contain small pieces and details of a story … and only those.


A man with a horseshoe in his hand in the middle of the city

Who said that there is need of a face or a scene to create a story … hands, feet, small details can tell a lot more than a picture with subjects that are usually so well defined, that the details are lost in an orgy of information.


Woman’s hand with two rings stacked … she’s probably a widow..

With just a small detail however, our brain recreates the rest of the scene and fill it with a story that is not told directly, but imagined by us …

Di chi sono le altre scarpe?

Whose are the other shoes?


A jump like this … for fun? Or is running for the delay … or running away?

…and then, who cares if it is true or false … it’s what make street photography such a beautiful thing…everyone can read in it whatever he wants.



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