The intention was to take it easy on Sunday, with no rush from stand to stand but going around quietly in a mix between my two passions , street photography and design…both in Tortona Road, Milan, a place that I’ve always seen as the heart of “Fuorisalone” and home for penniless designers…those who bring from home their banquet and three prototypes finished the night before.


Trains on a 24 hours-long strike on Saturday, from 9:00 PM…i was lucky because my friend from Milan called saying “Trains are on a 24 hours-long strike on Saturday, from 9:00 PM” … and buses are going on strike too… and bikes as well and my car did not want to be and i didn’t want to drive it and so i decided to do a rush at Fuorisalone on saturday, all on the run, all in the name of looking at half of the stuff and at half of the mixture of populations that for a week becomes citizien of Design City.

Via Tortona diventa un fiume di gente

During the Design Week, Tortona road is flooded by people…

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