How to show a city’s soul?

A few days ago.

I’m in Rome…two days… a little tour de force of exploration and street photography among a steady stream of tourists, trains confined to 28th track of the enormous Roma Termini train station, the sweltering heat and torrential rains.

Not really relaxing.

While wandering totally random for 90% of the time, i try to snap as much as possible to extrapolate as much as possible from this city that’s so dense and full of things to see that you’re overwhelmed, especially if yours is a pure and simple hit and run…it’s just a bite and it almost seems as a walk in the middle of a movie set.
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Il punto più alto (tranne la ciminiera)

the highest point of the complex (leaving aside the chimneys)

The SNIA industrial area is like a small city inside a city and it is placed across the towns of Varedo, Limbiate and Paderno Dugnano…yes…it’s really big…abbandoned in the middle of dying grass fields, Chernobil vegetation and crap of all kind. It’s a ninety years old ecological monster, one of the biggest industrial complex on Lombardy, that gave work to thousands of people, working 24h non-stop, day and night, poisoning the earth, the air, the water and now that it’s just an old ruin, the nature is taking its revenge.

Natura contro cemento

Nature vs. concrete

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